Soilex Corporation operates two soil recycling facilities and one sludge solidification facility.  All of which have been designed to exceed current regulatory standards and to ensure that contaminants never reach the surrounding environment. Additionally, both soil facilities utilize biological treatment technologies to thoroughly remove petroleum hydrocarbons from the waste material.

The Chesapeake Plant, our largest and newest, contains both a soil recycling facility and a sludge solidification facility.  This plant is ideally located to serve our customers in the Hampton Roads area. The two facilities have been designed and constructed to the most current environmental protection standards, featuring impervious concrete walls and floors, as well as a 35 ceiling height for easy unloading.

The Suffolk Plant, constructed in 1999, is located adjacent to the Southeastern Public Service Authority (SPSA) Regional Landfill in Suffolk, Virginia.  This modern sanitary landfill, which incorporates state of the art environmental protection features, was designed to meet the solid waste disposal needs of our region for many years.

All petroleum contaminated materials are stored within a covered facility, thereby protecting the soil from rain and allowing Soilex to receive and process materials throughout the entire year.  Once inside either of our centers, facility personnel continually monitor each stockpile of treated material to ensure that conditions are most favorable for the rapid and complete degradation of the target contaminants.

Once the laboratory data confirms that the recycled material meets or exceeds the standards for clean fill, your material is utilized by our on-site landfill as daily cover.  Unlike many recycling facilities, we share your concerns regarding future liability, and, therefore do not sell the treated material nor use it in other off-site applications.

We take pride in the safety of our equipment as well as the professionals who operate it.  As a result, we welcome our customers to schedule a facility tour at any time.


Chesapeake Plant
416 Dominion Blvd. North
Chesapeake, Virginia

Suffolk Plant
1 Bob Foeller Drive

Suffolk, Virginia



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